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SQUARE (Scalable Question Answering and Recommendation Engine) is an end-to-end platform that automates the process of manually searching information from documents, images, and relational databases. SQUARE uses state-of-the-art AI and NLP techniques to predict granular answers and generate actionable insights.
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SQUARE powers Solvaire, a legal tech service provider, and enables its attorneys to avoid human dependent review processes. It extracts and validates information from various lease documents to conduct its operations efficiently in a constrained time.

SQUARE also powers Iconekta, a legal tech platform to enhance its due diligence process by automating the process of extraction and verification of relevant information for its new clients. SQUARE extracts the pre-defined attributes by Iconekta to validate the required elements in documents and provide alerts about any data issues.

Static search or Information Extraction

Static Search is intended to answer a specific question set. The model is initiated every time a new searchable document is uploaded to the system.

dynamic search

Dynamic search uses a central document database which allows users to search instantly by asking questions. SQUARE responses have a confidence score and a link to the respective document, in which the response is highlighted.

SQUARE Features

Real-Time QA System

Feed in any question for finding relevant answers from a specific set of documents

Feedback Analytics System

Fine-tune your models by collecting feedback from Subject Matter Experts


Find answers from a website or a curated knowledge base for your customers/visitors

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How SQUARE Works

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A Complete Set of Search Features

Scalable and Customizable
Domain Adaptable and Fine Tunable
Continuous Learning QA Platform
Machine and Deep Learning Hierarchical Models
AI-Driven Analytics & Actionable Insights
Answers with Confidence Score and Rank
Personalized QA Recommendations
Robust Knowledge Representation
Search Query Catalyst

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Legal and Contract Management transformed by AI-Powered Enterprise Search

Solvaire, a legal firm specializing in contract management, faced a major challenge - extracting specific lease document information efficiently without tedious manual review. Time-consuming searches and error-prone processes hindered productivity.

Enter SQUARE - the ai-enterprise search game-changer!

Efficient Data Ingestion
SQUARE's intuitive interface allows easy upload of Solvaire's vast collection of lease documents – PDFs, Word documents, and many other file types.

Instant AnswersSQUARE's rapid response capabilities, enhanced by AI-powered enterprise search, meant that Solvaire's legal team could quickly access answers to specific questions from the lease documents. This eliminated the need for time-consuming manual searches through extensive contracts.

Contextual Understanding
SQUARE not only provided answers but also offered valuable context from the source documents, powered by AI enterprise search. This ensured that Solvaire's responses were accurate, reliable, and compliant with the contract terms.

CustomizationSolvaire engaged with customized SQUARE to align with their specific question formats and contract clauses, tailoring the tool to meet their unique requirements.

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