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Cognistx Launches AI Technology Partnership with Latin American Legal Tech Firm

August 1, 2022
Cognistx Staff

Cognistx, a leading provider of AI business solutions, announces the launch of AI-Driven LegalTech Solutions, an initiative to develop artificial intelligence products for the legal industry. 

The partnership between Cognistx and Iconekta, a legal technology platform, creates a new joint venture with independent financing focusing on the legal markets in Latin America. 

“The legal industry will benefit from the adoption of AI, delivering speed and security that legal firms need. Our will bring firms throughout the region the latest technology used by companies across industries,” said Cognistx CEO Sanjay Chopra.

Cognistx and Iconekta are collaborating on an array of AI products to help attorneys and legal services firms better manage their data, enhance cyber security and improve overall efficiency. Specific solutions will address: 

  • Monitoring for changes in patents and trademarks filed by clients seeking intellectual property protections
  • Verifying client information through optical character recognition (OCR) and business process automation (BPA).
  • Building an answering system over a combined legal archive can provide responses to simple legal questions and save time researching.

“The adoption of AI solutions will ensure the legal industry in Latin American remains in step with technological advancements worldwide. This will give companies and legal firms a competitive edge in the region,” said Alonso Indacochea, CEO of Iconekta. 

To learn more about AI-Driven LegalTech Solutions, email 

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