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Is Your Company AI-ready?

January 16, 2024
Patricia Maldonado

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to power our technology and the services we use every day like banking, retail, entertainment and shipping. Major corporations spend billions on AI solutions to make their companies more efficient, profitable and cyber safe. 

But you don’t have to be a big company to use AI or to afford it. You just need to have certain pieces in place.

At Cognistx, we've been in the business of developing AI products to help companies benefit from the technology since 2015. Our conversations with prospective clients always start with a look at an organization's internal systems. These evaluations help businesses determine how they can use AI and what they need to have in place for the technology to work effectively. 

Here’s what we look at: 

Organizational Readiness

Any company that’s serious about AI should have the appropriate organizational structure, leadership and talent in place. Will your business’ leadership structure support an AI investment?

Technological Readiness

When assessing a company’s readiness, we look at a business’ networks, software, and tools such as cloud-based tools and services, analytics tools, as well as the people they have to manage them.
Another component of technology readiness is data readiness. We analyze the data a company stores, how it’s managed and how it’s used. 

Financial Readiness

Companies need a budget to launch, maintain, and upgrade an AI investment. It's not unlike investing in new computers, accounting platforms or software. We encourage prospective customers to consider AI as a long-term investment and not as a one-time expense. 

Cultural Readiness

Cultural readiness focuses on assessing whether an organization as a whole supports the use of new technology. Artificial intelligence is somewhat controversial. Many worry thatAI will replace jobs and people. Businesses that pursue AI should communicate the use of the technology to their staff and customers, if necessary, to ease fears and gain supporters. Without internal support, any investment in new technology will likely fail, which could have grave repercussions on an organization. 

So, is your business AI-ready?

Cognistx can help assess your organization's readiness. We don’t have to delve too deep to determine readiness or how best your business can use artificial intelligence. Sometimes speaking with a data scientist is enough to get you on the path to AI innovation. 

Click here to start your readiness assessment.

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