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Golf and Artificial Intelligence

August 16, 2019

AI, in many ways, is transforming an inexhaustible list of industries. Among these, sports emerges as the new site of innovation. Sports, professional and recreational, lend themselves particularly well to AI, as they are rooted in technical skill and discipline. According to a Research And Market report, AI has shown to improve the health of sports players, strengthen individual or team performance by up to 28%, prevent injuries, reduce operational costs of sporting facilities.  

That is why the Cognistx team began exploring the implications of AI in creating a better golf experience--everything from golf club design to individual players. Golf is special because it requires a great deal of patience, control, critical thinking, and determination. Golf players tend to be very invested in their games, so they have a lot to gain from optimizing their golfing.

Cognistx tackled issues of analytics, venue management, and customer content personalization all in one program, SmartCourse™. SmartCourse™ is an AI-driven platform that leverages golfer information to deliver real-time relevant engagement. The platform offers personalized tee-time recommendations, content, offers, rewards to provide and individualized experience and drive incremental rounds of play.

Our predictive tee time model pushes offers for tee times that remain unbooked. We pull data point from Chronogolf to understand golfer playing patterns. Our AI model then predicts the slots that will likely be unbooked based on past booking patterns. We then combine these predictions with our weather forecast models to send only the most relevant offers to golfers. In future iterations of our model we will also predict the best golfers to pair together!

Promoting unbooked tee times allows golf course managers to optimize their bookings and maximize their profits by reducing sunken costs and increasing golfer engagement.

We also have data to understand golfer buying behavior, based on which our model recommends specific personalized items to golfers. This feature allows golf course managers to sell additional services that are of interest to the golfers. And golfers enjoy an enhanced and personalized golfing experience.

Best of all, the platform integrates seamlessly into golfers existing personal mobile electronic devices. SmartCourse™ works with what you have. Golfing should be entirely an enjoyable experience, and SmartCourse™ seeks to complement the game process so that it players can best focus on their game, ushering in new levels of professionalism and skill.

Cognistx has a partnership with Gallus golf to AI enable their golfing app.

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