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The Benefits of Using AI for Supply Chains and Logistics

June 20, 2022
Cognistx Staff

Transportation and technology go together better than most people may think. After all, getting goods from one location to the next involves more than just hopping in a truck and heading out on the road. There are schedules and deadlines, bottlenecked supply chains, and so many disruptions that transporting goods has become challenging. 

By embracing a tech-forward approach, you can enhance logistics and boost transportation and delivery systems. Here's a look at the benefits of adopting AI for the logistics industry:

Transparency is Key. You have to be able to see your entire supply chain if you want to make positive changes that will be beneficial long term. A high level of visibility will allow you to see areas where you may find bottlenecks, idle time, route delays, and other inefficiencies - and change them. But, when you make a change in one area, you need to be able to see its impacts on another and adjust things accordingly. You can do that with artificial intelligence. 

What's more, AI allows for things like predictive analytics, which can help you plan ahead for things like seasonal spikes, transportation or maintenance issues, shipping changes, and so forth. That way you can always maintain a steady flow and automation without any surprises. 

Tracking in Real Time. What if you could see where your assets are at any given time during their travels through the supply chain? With applied AI technology, you can. AI enhances tracking software programs, allowing you to monitor existing situations and predict
changes. AI-powered by accurate company data will enable you to better monitor the status of your fleet and your customers' needs, improving efficiency and reducing costs. 

Greater Customer Satisfaction. Happy customers are loyal customers. When you invest in AI for your logistics business, you're able to see where your assets are at any given moment. As a result, you can provide up-to-minute information on your products as well as the most accurate time for arrival or delivery. When customers feel as though they can count on your product and delivery, you will have a higher level of satisfaction. 

Spark Your Innovation. When you can see your supply change with clear glasses, you can find new ways to grow and evolve that you may have never seen before. Perhaps there is a hiccup at one point along the way. With AI, you can create ways to combat it and smooth out your processes. And with all the transparency and reports to back you up, you will have a greater chance of succeeding with your innovative ideas.  To grow and surpass the competition, companies will have to adopt AI technology. Many already are dabbling in it, generating insights that guide growth and adjusting to changes.

Don't be left in the dust. 

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