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May 13, 2019
Isabella Losacco

Our website will tell you we are “leading researchers in cognitive computing and machine intelligence with deep expertise across multiple industries.” Sounds like a mouthful to me. In simple terms, this means we are experts in Intelligent Information Systems (IIS). Does this make more sense? Probably not, so let's break it down mathematically: IIS = IS + AI. Intelligent Information Systems are created from Information Systems (IS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)1. Information System is a system created by hardware and software that helps individuals analyze and organize data1. The main use of IS for Cognistx is for storing, retrieving and processing data. AI is the other attribute of IIS, being the primary use for Cognistx. AI is used for the collection and system training of data (1). So how does this all work? How do we use IIS? What industry do we align with? And most importantly, why do we differ from others who state they have the best AI abilities? We are an Artificial Intelligence consulting firm, creating customizable AI engines for business operations; bespoke AI.  Cognistx has a 10-step model to aid your organization, from data unrefined to information monetized, broken down into a four phase process.

Phase 1: Pilot
In phase 1 we work with the predefined set of business units and stakeholders to understand the following:

Current year business goals
3-5 year financial goals
Competitive advantages you’re trying to gain
Underutilized business areas
Data maintenance and storage (if any)

These questions are for our understanding of your analytical objectives. We take a sample of your data and do preliminary data ingestion and analysis, seeing if your data is useful. We use our preferred method of analysis Data Gap Analysis (DGA) to see if you have been collecting the right data to answer your analytical objective. After this process, we come back to your business and relay our findings, more specifically if your business is ready for an AI implementation. If ready, we lay out what will be done, how long it will take, the cost, and the potential ROI. If your business is not ready, we suggest how to move forward with your data in order to be AI ready.

Phase 2: Production
After we have examined the problem your company faces, we work with your data and start our advanced analysis. This phase is one of the longest parts of the process. We must clean any dirty data (missing variables, duplicate records, outdated data, etc), making sure the data used for training is acceptable. We then determine what models and algorithms will achieve your analytical goals. These models provide many solutions to the problem, automating entities in your business, making work for your employees simpler, saving time and money. The models are then refined and selected. This looks at other metrics for these models against known and unknown data sets. This process is iterated a number of times until an acceptable accuracy is attainable. Once we have determined the accuracy being just, we move onto Phase 3.

Phase 3: Deployment
This is where we implement artificial intelligence within your operations. We review the scope system requirements, meaning we evaluate the constraints your system may have that the models will be implemented too. Then we integrate your existing system with the models created. The last step, and the most exciting part, the Production Launch! We launch our AI engine within your systems and see the magic of automation occur.

Phase 4: Maintenance
After all of the work is done, we then maintain the system. We work with you, showing your company the benefits that the system created and watch as it makes your life simpler. We enhance the models implemented, fix bugs that may occur, and do a routine upkeep.

So..Why Us?
Our solutions go farther and wider than the limitations made by the business world. Our successful contributions lie within Manufacturing, Retail, Security, Logistics, and Healthcare but this does not mean we cannot help if your business is not parallel with the industries listed. We don’t fit your business in an AI box, only giving generic solutions. Our engines are customizable to your specific analytical problems and needs. We are more than a service provider, we are innovators, eager to work with you through your AI Journey. So give AI a chance, the results will open your eyes, changing the way your business operates forever.

(1) Myers, Michael & Baskerville, Richard. (2002). Information Systems as a Reference Discipline. MIS Quarterly. 26. 1-14. 10.2307/4132338.

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