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SQUARY: The Next-Level AI Web Assistant From Cognistx

May 7, 2024
Cognistx Staff

Take SQUARY, our AI website assistant, for a test drive at SQUARY will answer your questions and address your comments about our products, team, blog posts, case studies and even our podcasts, connecting you to source information. If it's on, SQUARY will get it for you.


SQUARY is an offshoot of SQUARE, our AI-powered enterprise search platform that searches documents, Excel files, pdfs, emails, charts, and multimedia files, connecting users to source information within their ecosystem. SQUARE can connect to third-party platforms that your business uses to manage your corpus of documents.

Like SQUARE, SQUARY doesn't just give you answers, it provides the necessary background, so you fully understand the information you're receiving. If you ask SQUARY about the ROI of AI, it will pull up a podcast on, point to the webpage where you can find the podcast and provide some details about that episode and the speakers.

When you use SQUARY, you’ll notice that it’s customized to fit our brand voice, so asking SQUARY a question on is like asking a member of our team. Our clients that use SQUARY on their websites know that it sounds the way they want it to.

Not a Chatbot
SQUARY is a standalone AI-powered assistant that can be used on any website. It isn’t a chatbot that provides scripted responses based on keywords. We use generative AI and extractive AI. We also use machine learning, a subset of AI, so SQUARY learns from your questions, comments, and thumbs-up or thumbs-down feedback.

An AI-powered assistant for your website.

SQUARY is designed to engage website visitors and help companies drive customer engagement and, yes, sales. On, SQUARY connects users to our team if that’s what users want. When you add SQUARY to your site, you can add that feature as well.

We encourage you to test SQUARY on If you don’t like an answer or it gets it wrong, let SQUARY know so it never makes that mistake again. And if you want to take your conversation a bit further, SQUARY will connect you with Cody.

It should be noted that Cody is neither a chatbot nor an AI assistant. He’s our business development expert, a new dad, and an Ultimate Frisbee champ. He’s just one of the humans who power Cognistx.


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