our AI solutions solve data problems, streamline operations, reduce cost and generate revenue for businesses large and small

AI solutions
AI capability maturity model (cmm) assessment
data quality engine
AI solutions for industry
financial AI
Cognistx AI gives the financial services industry the power to accelerate operations, automate underwriting, provide a 360° customer view, enhance product cross-selling, and improve the customer onboarding journey.
cybersecurity AI
Our enhanced AI assesses data quality and derives insights to refine encryption, detect suspicious activity, analyze Deep Dark Web streams, and prevent loss of confidential business information.
logistics AI
When AI tackles logistics and electronic ordering, inventory management is streamlined and errors are reduced. Predictive analytics create data-driven recommendations to take advantage of purchasing trends.
text intelligence
By applying state of the art models to your data, our AI solutions help manufacturing customers solving complex multi-variable manufacturing problems, reducing costs and saving time.
AI for data quality
Data errors and anomalies cost US companies over $3T/year. Our data quality engine (DQE) ensures that the highest level of quality is met and maintained within your data in order to guarantee precise and intelligent business decisions.
AI readiness
To get the most from your data - your most valuable and underutilized resource - it has to be AI-ready. We help you clean, normalize and prepare your data and systems so you get the most from your investment.
AI for manufacturing
By applying state of the art models to your data, our AI solutions help manufacturing customers solving complex multi-variable manufacturing problems, reducing costs and saving time.
AI for call centers
Utilizing best in class speech solutions to grade call center interactions, agents receive accurate direction and suggestions as well as constructive feedback.
AI for golf
With SmartCourse™, we've brought AI to the mobile golf platform to help course owners drive member engagement and incremental rounds of play.
AI for sports
Analyzing plays using data and video, our AI solution can help teams prepare better game plans by understanding opponents' patterns.
AI for retail
When customers receive personalized offers and promotions powered by the latest in artificial intelligence technologies, digital engagement and store visits go up.
AI products and services
We design and deploy AI-powered cognitive information agents (chatbots) to help you improve customer service with automated chat functions that serve up fast, accurate and engaging answers and conversation.
mobile apps
In this mobile-first economy, we put the power of AI right in your customers' hands with smart mobile apps. We design, code, test and implement game-changing applications using agile software development so you can get to market quickly.
machine learning
Teaching machines to learn from data is driven by powerful algorithms and models. Unlike some companies who offer a singular solution, our approach tests multiple models to determine the highest performance so you see more results.
natural language processing
As the voice interface becomes the consumer's preferred method of input, we're prepared with the latest in speech recognition solutions that help you create natural, conversational and data-driven interactions with your customers.
video and image analysis
By analyzing video and photos, our intelligent solutions can identify, connect and predict - adding powerful data to your arsenal and giving you a competitive advantage.
Offernet™ smart offer engine
Create more digitally engaged customers with Smart Offers that are tailored to their individual preferences, purchase histories and interests. No more mass advertising - this is true one-to-one marketing driven by artificial intelligence.
aws technology partner
MEMBER, AWS Partner Network
Cognistx is proud to be a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN), the global partner program for AWS. Leveraging this platform, Cognistx provides software solutions and support for organizations' business, technical, marketing, and go-to-market initiatives.