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Is your data ready for AI?

Adaptive AI for your business

We develop multi-strategy, adaptive AI systems in three areas: Cognitive Insights, Cognitive Information Agents, and Cognitive Engagement. These emerging AI applications are already humanizing data, augmenting technology, and empowering people.

insights and action
information agents

We're experts in the field of AI

We are 
world experts in AI related to speech, language, text processing and question answering. 

We develop and combine advanced components for 
deep QA/QG, NLP/NLU, statistical machine learning (SML), information retrieval, 
bi-directional neural networks, image and speech recognition, unstructured data mining, and have access to emerging research.

We are applicability experts in data science and AI, and understand how analytics can be reused or customized based on years of research experience.

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