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Cognistx Launches Series of Live AI Talks

On Thursday, March 25, at 4:00 p.m., Cognistx Live will kick off with a panel of top executives discussing how AI transformed their businesses.

PITTSBURGH (March11, 2021) Cognistx (, a tech firm that builds artificial intelligence (AI) business solutions, announced the launch of Cognistx Live, a series of talks on the practical use of AI for business.

Cognistx Live kicks off with “Real AI for Real Customers,” a free virtual panel discussion, at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 25. Executives from AmeriGas, Armada, Kroll International, Dade County Federal Credit Union and SAE International will highlight best practices, pitfalls and how they managed AI initiatives to ensure their return on investment. 

Cognistx Co-Founder andChief Data Scientist Dr. Eric Nyberg will open the online event, showcasing how businesses worldwide use AI to automate tasks, accelerate response times, create new customer experiences and grow their revenue stream.

“With AI, the opportunities are as endless as your creativity will take you,” said Cognsitx CEO and Co-Founder Sanjay Chopra.“Our Cognistx Live talks provide an in-depth look at how different industries useAI and how even the smallest company can unlock new business value by investing in artificial intelligence solutions. 

Cognistx, now in its fifth year, applies natural language processing and machine learning— two key AI functions — to help businesses accelerate productivity and make their systems more efficient by reducing errors and redundancies. The firm, launched by a team of scientists from Carnegie Mellon University, has worked with retail, transportation, banking and finance, sports teams and medical firms, developing unique AI solutions.

“The growth of AI will only continue. Those companies that invest in the technology will ultimately grow faster and stronger than those that don’t,” Chopra said. “We hope our Cognistx Live series demonstrates to business owners and executives that AI is well within their reach.”


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